Bayprofs California Traditional Hunters Education Class

Bayprofs California Traditional Hunters Education Class

September 23 - 10:00 am


September 24 - 06:00 pm

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Coyote Point Rifle & Pistol Club

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Learn to shoot and handle firearms while hunting safely in our fun and low pressure environment!

The Traditional Hunter Education Course consists of a minimum of ten hours of classroom, homework, and field instruction in the following areas: firearms safety and handling, sportsmanship and ethics, wildlife management and conservation, archery, black powder, wildlife identification, game care, first aid, and survival. After a student has successfully completed the course of instruction and passed the final examination, they are awarded a Certificate of Completion.

The Traditional Course allows for individual interaction with the instructor. The Traditional Course is most often preferred by first time hunters. See here for more information about the Traditional Course.

Please also register for the class in the state system here if you wish to get state credit for taking this course:

The cost of this course is set by the state at $20. Please bring cash.

During the class you will be exposed to the safe and fun operation of firearms in general, basic fieldcraft, and the basics of hunting. You will be taught, and we will demonstrate, the safety rules in handling firearms and archery equipment. You will have many opportunities throughout the day to show your grasp of these rules.

This two day class will begin at 10:00 AM and continue until about 6:00 PM on each day. We will take short breaks, of approximately 10 minutes, throughout the day, for you to relax, give you additional time handle the firearms you are learning about, and ask additional questions, whether or not related to the subjects under instruction.

We will take a one-hour break for lunch at about 1:00 PM. You may bring your own lunch or go to any of the eateries located within the general area. We will not take a specific dinner break so bring some snacks to keep your energy up, or alternatively, save some of your lunch. There will be water bottles provided, but please bring any snacks you might need.

We will have a on-site live-fire range session with our .22 rifles for those in the class that are eligable for you to use all the skills and knowledge you will have learned in the class, while shooting at paper targets. We will provide the firearms, ammunition, targets, and safety equipment you will need. The costs for the live-firea are included in the class.

Some of the firearms you will shoot will eject the cartridge that was just fired, during the reloading cycle. We recommend that you bring a brimmed hat (baseball style), a shirt or jacket that buttons or zips to the neck, and closed toed shoes (sneakers are OK).

Dress for outside temperatures on the day of class. The shooting range bays are the same temperature inside the building as the outside air. It can get quite cold or hot inside depending on the weather.

We provide all the firearms necessary for the class and range session, however you may bring your own personally owned firearm to class if you have questions about it. Please let us know at check-in if you have a firearm. We would like the opportunity to examine the firearm, and we will store it at the front of the classroom during the lecture portion of the class. We will not be shooting any non-Bayprofs owned firearms during this class.

Please do not bring ammunition to the class. We provide all the ammunition required for the class. In addition, for safety reasons, we do not allow live ammunition in the classroom. We use non-live training cartridges in the classroom to demonstrate those skills requiring ammunition.

At the completion of the Hunters Education class we will conduct the Hunter’s Safety exam. In California you must have successfully completed the entire Hunter’s Education class and pass the exam in order to obtain your first hunting license. Successful students will leave the class with the documentation required to obtain a hunting license. We do not issue the hunting license during the class.


In the Hunter’s Education class you will be handling and shooting a variety of firearms. Both State and Federal law make it unlawful for certain persons to own and/or possess (including handle) any firearm. These restrictions are many and constantly changing. BayProfs, Inc. is not a law firm. We cannot advise you as to your specific eligibility to handle the firearms in our classes. Please confirm your eligibility to handle firearms before signing up for class. .

If you choose to bring your own firearm to class, then your gun must be transported unloaded and empty, in a locked case, not accessible to the driver or passengers while driving. This is to comply with the California State Penal Code. Do not transport loaded magazines or ammunition in the same case with the handgun. Put the ammunition in a separate container.

Please contact us via email to bayprofs -at- bayprofs -dot- org before buying your tickets if you have questions about this section.