Instructor – Larry Church


Larry started his formal firearms training in the Boy Scouts of America in a Small Bore Four Position league that the troop sponsored. Informally, he was a big fan of the midway shooting galleries that you used to find at county fairs. Larry hunted small game when he lived in western Pennsylvania, but found he enjoyed being outdoors and shooting far more than en enjoyed cleaning the game.

Larry has been an NRA Instructor since 1984 and has been teaching Basic Pistol and Personal Protection with Bayprofs, on and off since then. He is also a California Dept. of Justice Firearms Instructor, and an Arizona Concealed Carry Permit instructor. Larry is a Range Safety Officer for the NRA and IDPA.

Larry also believes in continuing firearms education and has taken classes from many nationally known firearms instructors and is a Gunsite graduate and proponent. He has been reloading for many years.

Larry supports his firearms habit as an engineer in the computer business.