Instructor and Training Director – Jeff Hagen

Jeff Hagen

Jeff first used a firearm at the age of 6 in the cold winter of the Wisconsin Dells. That first experience with a single shot rifle has lead to a lifelong interest in the martial arts.

While attending the University of California Santa Cruz, Jeff trained with Dov Nadel, Sensei in the art of Japanese Sword. He then switched track back to firearms after leaving the university system with a graduate degree in engineering and professional training in education methods.

Since then, he has become certified as a California DOJ instructor, a California Certified Hunter’s education instructor, and a Utah BCI CCW instructor. He has also been certified by the NRA as a Training Counselor, meaning he is certified to teach both student classes as well as classes that certify new instructors. He is a student graduate of Massad Ayoob’s MAG, Bruce Grey’s OpSpec Training, Gunsite, Front Sight, and others.

When he is not participating in the paycheck continuation plan, Jeff volunteers with the Bayprofs, and is currently acting as our Training Director.